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Looking for an all-in-one reference guide to International Media Distribution's channels? Our channel guide lists all of International Media Distribution's channels with SRP, programming highlights, language, and source in a convenient printable pdf format.
International Media Distribution now offers operators a way to stay informed about the latest in programming news, network promotions, cultural notes and other information related to multicultural programming and marketing. To be added to the online distribution list, e-mail

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Calendar of Ethnic Holidays

View holidays around the world. Select a month or full yearly calendar below.

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Campaigns & Creative

Here are some samples of various marketing pieces featuring IMD networks.

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Educational Partners

In an effort to enhance educational programs for students, International Media Distribution is proud to connect schools across the United States with the best networks from around the world. The networks aid students in learning a language, understanding cultures or entertaining students far from home.

To subscribe, mail three items to the Educational Division:

  1. The completed Letter of Agreement
  2. The completed Educational Institution Subscription Form
  3. Payment or a purchase order for annual administration and licensing fee

For futher questions, download our Education FAQs.
Please contact Michael Scott for additional inquiries regarding service availability.

Network Description Form Links


China Central Television (CCTV) is China's largest provider of cultural, news and entertainment programming. Its overseas channel, CCTV-4 was created to keep the 50 million Chinese living outside China informed of news from their homeland.


ART Cable is the most prestigious Arabic channel serving Arab Americans. ART Cable's goal is to link Arab communities to their homeland with programming in their own language and is committed to delivering a cultural message to Arab Americans.


ATV-Asia Television Home Channel produces more than 3,000 hours of programming including prime time news (Cantonese), Factual, drama, and variety shows. With innovation and originality as its trademark, ATV programs are heartily embraced by local and overseas viewers.

Channel One Russia

"Channel One Russia Worldwide" is an International version of "Channel One" – the most popular Russian TV channel. Channel One Russia is a 24-hour Russian language TV channel, a reliable source of information for more than 250 million TV viewers across the globe.


CTI-Zhong Tian Channel, a quality 24-hour Mandarin-Chinese channel, consists of programming designed to provide the world's 1.2 billion Chinese viewers with the latest and finest news, dramas, variety, entertainment and information television programming.


DW is Germany’s international broadcaster. Count on independent, reliable information from a German and European perspective and enjoy the latest news on international lifestyle and culture.


Since its debut in 2007, Myx TV (pronounced mix t-v) has been the leading cable network catered to the fast growing Asian-American youth market. Myx TV delivers the hottest trends in all of Asian pop culture and connects the audience to their roots like no one else can, while also showcasing the latest music videos from the mainstream music scene. This is the only network that truly paints an accurate picture of the 21st century Asian-American youth.

Rai Italia

Rai Italia, one of the most respected broadcasters in Europe, promotes the rich culture of Italy through a unique blend of festivals, concerts, movies, cooking shows, game shows, documentaries and news.


RTN (Russian Television Network of America) provides the highest quality 24-hour Russian language television channel in North America.


SBTN (Saigon Broadcasting Television Network) is the first 24-hour Vietnamese channel in America on cable offering programming designed to keep Vietnamese Americans connected with their culture and identity. SBTN attracts audiences of all generations with a combination of news, talk shows, dramas, children's programming, entertainment, variety, movies, culture, and history.


TFC (The Filipino Channel) is a service of ABS-CBN, the Philippines' dominant broadcaster, program producer and cable operator. TFC is the first network in Asia to deliver 24-hour programming to Filipino Americans.


TV JAPAN is a Japanese language channel from NHK, the leading broadcaster in Japan. Most news programs and Sumo tournaments are offered in both Japanese and English. TV JAPAN is now availabie in HD.


TVK Television Korea is a 24-hour Korean digital basic cable channel dedicated to serving Korean American communities throughout the United States.


TV5MONDE, the international French language channel with programming from several countries including France, Switzerland, Belgium and Canada, promotes the rich diversity of the French-speaking world. TV5MONDE broadcasts 24 hours a day with a wide array of news, movies, documentaries, entertainment and cultural programs.


TV ASIA provides a wide range of programming produced for South Asian Americans who want to maintain ties with their cultural heritage and way of life.

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